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The Virginias (sometimes also known as the two Virginias) is a region in the United States comprising the states of Virginia and West Virginia. If they were a single state (as they were until the Civil War), the Virginias would have a combined population of 9,854,018 as of the 2010 national census.

Virginia was a prime force in the move for independence and was the site of Lord Cornwallis's surrender in 1781. Virginia ratified the United States Constitution in 1788.

The Virginia (aka: Spider Mutant or Gorgon) is one of the special classes of mutants on the island. There are numerous virginias to be found, mostly in the caves. The virginias appears to be female, it consists of an abomination of legs attached to a female torso. it has several pairs of legs for arms...

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Полное назв.: the Commonwealth of Virginia. Песня: «Верни меня снова в старую Виргинию» [*'Carry Me Back to Old Virginia'].

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